Shoemakers - Kool Shoos ripped us off!

Houston, Texas 6 comments
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I would recommend never ordering shoes from Kool Shoos of Arizona.My wife ordered a pair when we we were on vacation.

It took about 12 weeks to get them and not until we contacted them did they send. She tried them on and they were way too small. They recommend ordering one size smaller than you wear. She wore them around the house thinking they would stretch.

They didn't. We sent them back and they responded we were out of luck because she put them on. We are out $150.

Still have not heard from them about any settlement.

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Davenport, Iowa, United States #694419

The shoes are soo cute, but they don't return emails, answer their phone or return messages. Don't waste your time or your money

to Blake Crestwood, Kentucky, United States #897613

I have emailed a couple of times in preparing to order shoes and have had quick responses both times.

to makpak Kihei, Hawaii, United States #897616

You'll be off!

to makpak Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1188343

I got quick responses when I was ordering, but now that it has been the 8 weeks they said it would take I am getting no responses just like everyone else. It looks like it is more like 12 weeks for most people, so all I can do is hope they come in another 4 weeks. It would be really nice to hear from them.

San Francisco, California, United States #681115

Definitely stay away from these guys.I ordered and never heard from them.

I wrote emails, called etc.Worst customer service experience I've ever had, they do not respond!

Berlin, Berlin, Germany #677380

They did the same thing to me.They said at the beginning that it would take 8 weeks.

After that I tried to call and email but they just would not respond.

The shoes are really cute and very artistic, but the experience was not worth the hassle.

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